Barefoot Freedom is a specialist Foot and Ankle Clinic, with over 25 years of providing care to patients of orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists and rehab specialists. With a qualified Pedorthists David Latimore and Matthew Nasrabadi we are best positioned to provide a holistic care to your patients.

We would like to invite you to use our clinics and think of our firm as a one-stop clinic for many of the foot and ankle problems you encounter with your patients. Please find enclosed some information and referral pads for your patients.

With over 25 years of providing specialist care in Sydney we have built a significant experience in providing exceptional care in the following areas:

  • Ready-made medical grade, added-depth footwear that are orthotic friendly, for feet in need of special care.
  • Custom–made (non-rigid) foot orthoses to provide alignment and clinical corrections specialised for diabetic and arthritic foot problems.
  • Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) specialist for older patients.
  • Ankle-Foot-Orthoses, post-operative cam walkers, Dictus ankle braces.
  • Specialised footwear to accommodate Arthritis and Diabetic patients.
  • Orthotic shoe alterations i.e. external build-up for leg length discrepancy, outsole wedging/ flaring for increased stability etc.
  • Off-the-shelf, in-shoe devices, for readily affordable management of milder cases of pes planus, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis.

We are registered as a provider with all major health funds as well as approved provider for DVA.


Below are the many pain symptoms which the clinic can help your patients:


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With 25 year experience in elevating foot pain in our clinics we have extensive experience.