Veterans, are you eligible for MGF Footwear?

Dva has streamlined the process for Medical Grade Footwear (MGF) suppliers to provide MGF products and services to DVA clients. To be eligible for MGF without prior approval the veteran needs to be a holder of a gold card.

“Up to 2 pairs of day/dress shoes can be provided at any one time without seeking prior approval from DVA. DVA may provide one pair recreational MGF (i.e. bowling or golf shoes) if the entitled person is a current and active member of a registered sporting club. A letter from a club is required and must state both financial and playing status. MGF recreational footwear will only be supplied if the sporting club requires specific soled footwear and entitled person has been previously supplied with MGF. Separate approvals are required for each supply”.



So if your existing shoes are a bit run-down, please do visit your referring podiatrist who determines if you are clinically eligible for MGF, documenting this on a prescription for the Veteran to us, so we can help you with your next selection through our qualified staff that will take care of your needs. At Barefoot Freedom we acknowledge and appreciate all the service of our Veterans’s.