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Benefits of worlds best footwear brands with the added Pedorthic expert fitting service.

We are sure that our 25 years of expericance and professional knowledge can alleviated your foot pain.

But don’t take our word for it try our footwear, make an appointment today and put us to the test.

With footwear that is designed to accommodate different foot conditions it is important that you get fitted by an experienced professional who has good experience of your particular foot condition and is able to provide the best footwear to alleviate foot pain specific to you.

imagesOur footwear comes in half sizes and for every half size we stock six different width starting from a size 4 to size 16. Don’t forget that we have over 400 styles and colour with this citing range. Take advantage of Australia’s top orthopaedic and medical grade footwear provider to bring foot pain relief to you.

With extra double depth in most of our lines, you are assured of a perfect fit with any size Drew image - Double depthorthotics which you may have, there is no compromise in style as well.

Your foot problem requires shoe modification be assurance that we can make any modification to accommodate your foot condition. Customer made shoes are also done in our clinics for the very exceptional cases.

Key benefits of our fitting appointments:

  • Let a profesional examine your foot condition and suggest most comfortable fitting Orthopaedic or Medical grade shoes.
  • Our staff can take your Doctors or Podiatrist instructions and work out the best footwear to help your current condition.
  • Our staff have access to our in clinic stock of over 400 styles and colours of Specialised footwear which they can bring for you to resolve your foot pain.
  • Our staff can do a full assessment of your feet conditions and discuss your care need as well as your footwear need (appointment may be necessary so book one now)
  • We do all footwear modification for you with any instruction from your Podiatrist or Orthopaedic Surgeon.
  • One year warranty with all our footwear for any manufacture fault any problems we will provide you with a brand new replacement.
  • All fitting issues are taken care for the first year of your new footwear, just bring your Barefoot Freedom footwear for our experts to make adjustments free of charge for perfect comfort with no cost to you.
  • Even if you have made new orthotics during that year our expert will make any adjustments for your footwear to fit perfectly for years of comfit walking.
  • Our staff have the latest equipment and can stretch you Barefoot Freedom footwear for a custom fitted feel, with no charge for all our expert stretching.
  • You can discuss your need and problem with a one of our professional staff who can provide expert fitting for your next purchase
  • You have an AFO or other foot devices our staff are train to fit and know which footwear best match your need.

We have been looking after patient foot problems for 25 years.

Don’t take our word for it – MAKE A FREE APPOINTMENT NOW.