Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD)



A leg length discrepancy is a lower limb issue whereby one limb is effectively longer than the other. This condition generally becomes problematic when the body attempts to correct this leg length difference through mechanisms such as pelvic, spinal, shoulder, or head tilt. These methods of compensation can cause back and neck pain and have a flow on affect through the bodies musculoskeletal structure.

Leg length discrepancy is caused mainly by two main factors:

  1. Functional Leg Length Discrepancy – the difference in leg length is the result of overpowering of certain musculature groups in the leg often causing the entire leg to internally rotate and essentially shortening it. Functional leg length discrepancy can be best treated with our custom made anti-pronatory orthotic devices.

  2. Structural Leg Length Discrepancy – This is where there is a physical difference in the length of a bone in the lower leg, commonly the femur or tibia. To address this and prevent a destructive method of compensation this is best solved by a full-length lift built into the shoe. At Barefoot Freedom, a large range of our shoes can accommodate sole additions and we can organize their fabrication.

In general this Disorder can be caused by:

  • Hip disorder

  • Pelvic tilt

  • Unilateral foot deformity

  • Spinal deformity

  • Muscular imbalance

We provide footwear modifications to correct such discrepancies internally or externally.