Our orthopedic shoes come in a wide variety of selections. At Barefoot Freedom we offer orthopedic  shoes to be able to give men the best comfort to suit their everyday activities. We provide orthopedic shoes from an everyday casual to  classic dressy  look as well as the athletic range. Orthopedic shoes are designed with double depth internal to create extra room for your toes, this can prevent the toes from being squashed at the forefoot which leads to other foot problems such as bunions, hammer toes etc.  All shoe styles come with every half a size difference and 6 different widths from very narrow to extra wide feet for each half a size in length.

Our orthopedic shoes are highly recommended by podiatrists for patients who are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Pes Cavus (high arch), Pes Planus (low arch), Ankle Vanus (roll out), Ankle Varus (roll in), Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), Bunions, Hammertoees, Arthritis, Diabetes. Beside of the variety of sizes, our orthopedic shoes also come with the most fashionable colors and patterns. The most important part of all, the orthopedic shoes are designed with removable inner soles, that means they are orthotic friendly, therefore, patients can simple replace the inner soles to their own orthotics.