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Barefoot Freedom is a specialist Foot and Ankle Clinic, with over 25 years of providing care to patients of orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists and rehab specialists. With a qualified Orthotist and Pedorthists we are best positioned to provide a holistic care for you. Our specialised custom–made (non-rigid) foot orthoses is preferred by orthopaedic surgeons to provide alignment and clinical corrections.

In many cases if surgery is not an option, or post surgery requires further care and attention and small correction, our holistic approach to alleviationg foot pain through orthotics and footwear is preferred and works best.

Many of our patients find our soft based custom-made orthotics ideal for diabetic and arthritic foot problems and as such we are largely referred by rheumatologists.

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Our Clinics have specialised over the last 25 years in alleviation of foot pain use our experience to reduce your foot pain.

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We have been looking after patient foot problems for 25 years.

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